Growing Up (2003)


I joined antfarm in the summer of 96–which meant that I benefited a great deal from the energy put into the building by many friends in the three years prior (including Ray and Chris moving the first of the letterpresses into antfarm while I was still at Penland). By the time I became a member, antfarm was almost three years old and had actually become a fairly stable concept with a sound infrastructure (though the roof still leaked like a sieve).

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antfarm Timeline 1993 – 2023 and beyond?

*This is not a complete timeline, please comment or email us to add an event, or use this google form to submit materials. We’d love to see your photos, exhibition flyers, awards, all of it! The first ten years are based on the timeline printed in the “antfarm decade” booklet published in 2003.
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Early Days (2003)

Early Days by Chris Alexander, 2003
published in the booklet Antfarm Decade to commemorate our first 10 years

The rundown warehouse at 303 Kinsey Street was once a hidden and forgotten part of Raleigh’s past. A haven for the homeless and an eyesore to the community, the building was about to experience a true renaissance when Brad Watkins stumbled upon it in the summer of 1993. Brad and I, and six other aspiring artists and recent graduates from the School of Design at North Carolina State University, were looking for a space. A space that, through a common vision, would allow us to explore the principles and skills we had forged throughout our education and put them to practice. 303 Kinsey Street was that perfect space. Despite its neighborhood repute and descent toward condemnation, we began working feverishly to draw up a rental agreement and begin the mountainous task of bringing the building back to life.

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ArtWalk Archives

How long have you been going to the Boylan Heights ArtWalk in Raleigh, NC? When did you first hear about it? Did you get a t-shirt or help make signs? Did you volunteer to booth-sit? What’s the best art or gift you bought there and who did you give it to?

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