antfarmers of yore

Part of the legacy of antfarm studios is recorded in the over 100 artists that have been a part of the collective since our founding in 1993. Antfarm studios is located in a 100-year-old 2 story warehouse in Raleigh, North Carolina in the historic Boylan Heights Neighborhood.

Here, we are compiling a list of antfarmers of yore. It’s not difficult, with the right keywords, I’ve been able to find anyone who was associated with antfarm because no matter how long they were here, they mention it in their “about me” section or their bio.

Dave Wofford even made sure to display a vignette in honor of antfarm when he had an exhibition at CAM Raleigh in 2016. The WaybackMachine has helped estimate the dates. But-the record wasn’t kept meticulously.

Please contact us with updates or corrections.

1Brad Watkins1993-1995
2Chris Alexander1993-1995
3Becca Blackfounder
4Bernie D’Aleo1993-1994
5Allison Benner Felton1993-1994
6Jennifer King1993-1994
7Richard Moon1993-1994
8Cam Smith1993-1994
9Heath Satow1993-1998
10Paul Rodriguez1993-1998
11Dan Metz1994-2001
12Janet Coleman1995-1998
13Ben Galata1995-2000
14Jack Barnes1994-1995
15Sandra McEwen1995-1998, 2004?
16Jason Seale1995-2000
17Bryan O’Donnell1995
18Ray Duffey1996-2002
19Bart Tomlin1996-2002
20Dave Wofford1996-2003
21Meredith Brickell1998-2000
22Dwayne Poovey1998-1999
23Jeana Eve Klein1999-2001
24Stephen D. Savage2000-2001
25Andrew Rieder2000-2003
26Jodi Connelly2000-2002
27Regina Massey2001-2002
28Jenifer Padilla2001-2004(?)
29Jennifer Clifton2002-2003
30Sarah Kathleen Warner2002-2003
31Lucas House2002-2021
32Mary Catherine Floyd
33Jimmy McDonough2002-2003
34Morag Charlton2003-2010?
35Lily Koto Olive2003-2004
36Joel Lubell2003-2007(?)
37Edde Burgess2003-2007(?)
38Cath Connolly Hudson?-2015
39Gabrielle Duggan2010(?)
40Eric Fuller*2004-2005
41Amanda Humphries2005-2008?
42Christain Karkow2003-2006
43Jon Barringer2005?
44Chris Ciccone1998-2000
45Bobby Haughey
46Seth Hicks2000-
47EJ Hauser
48Stephan Hutchins
49Troy Jeffries
50Robin Johnson
51Josh Levine
52Joe McCoy
53Holly Mullins
54Dave Nicolay2003-2004
55Sarah Nossov2005-
56Amanda Thomas
57Sarah Warner
58Jacklyn Anthony2010-2013?
59Chad Evans2010-2013?
60Claire Jacobs2010-2013?
61Scotty Cayton2010?
62Christina Preher2010
63Erika Reif2010
64Peter Anderson2005-2008?
65Robert “Bob” Bickey2005-2006
66Sarah Branigan2006
67Allie Crawford2005-?
68Ellen Divers2007-2008?
69Clifton Dowell2007-2008?
70Laura Drewry2006-?
71Hollis Mullins
72Matt Neel2003?
73Liza Nicholson
74Rachel Stewart2007-2009?Flickr album
75Andrea Stevenson Won2005-?
76Alison Fiegal2008-?
77Maria Falbo2008-?
78Mollie Earles2004
79Harriet Hoover2004
80Rebecca Gorman2005-?
81Jill Rossi2006-
82Lincoln Hancock2010?
83Lauren Kennedy2010?
84Niki Litts2010?
85Rachel Herrick2010-2012?
86Sarah Powers2010-2012?
87Bailey Knight2015-2018
88Benjamin Reid2010?
89Chuck Rose2010-2016
90Daniel Starnes2010-?
91Jaclyn Anthony
92David Walser2010?-2018
93Micheal Cayton2010?
94Miles Holst2011-?
95Chuck Morford2012?
96Lou Horton2015-Current (2023)
97Marc Kuzio2015-Current (2023)
98Chip Robinson2015-Current (2023)
99Christopher Robin Knorr2016-2017
100Alana Stanley2016-2017
101Jet Schmidt2017-Current (2023)
102Adam Geringer2018-2019
103Stephanie Quante2019-2020
104Mary Storms2019-2021
105Julia Koff2020-2021
106Mary Jane “MJ” Clark2021-Current (2023)
107Dustin Letherman2021-Current (2023)
108Debbi Knaus2021-Current (2023)
109Sydney Wood2022-Current (2023)

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Help us complete the list of former antfarmers. You can list yourself or others, the more info you can share, the better.

Also use this form for corrections, including name changes.

Thank you!


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