ArtWalk Archives

How long have you been going to the Boylan Heights ArtWalk in Raleigh, NC? When did you first hear about it? Did you get a t-shirt or help make signs? Did you volunteer to booth-sit? What’s the best art or gift you bought there and who did you give it to?

From the latest Boylan Heights Neighborhood Association Newsletter (September 2022):

In honor of the 30th anniversary of ArtWalk, the Boylan Heights Archives Committee is seeking any recollections, including origin stories, memorabilia (T-shirts), and photographs from previous Art- Walks.

Please send them to

We welcome help in assembling what we collect as well as with ongoing efforts to build a record of life in the hood.

-Kristina Troost, on behalf of the BH Archives Committee
film-style distortion on cropped photo of a teal-blue tinsel christmas tree with copper ornaments
Teal-Blue tinsel Christmas tree with handmade copper ornaments – Lou’s first ArtWalk

Dec 6, 2015 was Lou’s first ArtWalk and first year at antfarm. She had just lost her job and was making and selling copper bracelets and ornaments. She is so grateful for this supportive community.

close-up of wrist wearing dainty/slim copper cuff bracelet stamped with "grateful" in tiny letter stamps
dainty copper cuff bracelet stamped with “grateful” in tiny letters, by Lou Horton

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