GOUGE Wrestling Returns to the Neighborhood

GOUGE Wrestling mixes a comedic view of some of professional wrestling’s most popular gimmicks with some of the hottest up and coming wrestlers on the independent scene.

At Rebus Works
Sunday, October 30, 2022
Free Family Friendly Event
Food Trucks!

Sweat. Blood. Tears. Beer. From these humble beginnings came one of North Carolina’s premiere wrestling organizations: G.O.U.G.E Pro Wrestling. This revolutionary form of wrestling was not created over night. It originally crawled out of the depths of the Raleigh bar scene as a nascent organization known as SCW (Southern Championship Wrestling); however, SCW needed to evolve. It needed a new direction. It had the conundrum of trying to spin itself into both a more modern and a more classic form of wrestling. SCW ended but from its ashes arose G.O.U.G.E.

In 2006, G.O.U.G.E. gave birth to its first show at King’s Barcade, the hallowed ground once trod by the warriors of SCW. Since that day, G.O.U.G.E.’s reach has stretched far and wide across North Carolina. Its gladiators have engaged in noble combat in places as elegant as the state capital and as small as Butner and Allensville. Musicians have even seen the emergence of a powerful professional wrestling company and enlisted G.O.U.G.E. to promote a variety of musical acts, the most recent of which is Anti-Seen. G.O.U.G.E. is officially out of the bar and bound for bigger things.

When first experiencing a G.O.U.G.E. show, you will immediately notice a different brand of wrestling than you see from other places. You will see a meeting of giants likened back to the carnival days from which our noble sport hath sprung. Cowboys will fight the Italian Mafia who will then team up with a team of white rap stars to defeat the evil pimps with heat brought straight from the trailer park fighting nerds and sideshow oddities with an occasional king. Stick around long enough and the bum who asked you for change on the way in might even get in on the action. What can you expect at a G.O.U.G.E. show? That is not even the right question. The real question is what can you NOT expect at a G.O.U.G.E. show?

G.O.U.G.E. is professional wrestling the way it should be done. Violence. Humor. And Grogs. Lots of Grogs.So what are you doing this weekend? It should include these five letters: G-O-U-G-E! We will now end this with the lasting wisdom of Frank Black:“Gouge away/You can gouge away/Stay all day/If you want to.” (the Pixies)


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