Arts Action Fund

New stats for North Carolina from the Americans for the Arts Action Fund for 2022 with the latest data from the BEA (2020), NEA, and state arts leadership. You can download this PDF and share it, or find any state on their website.

About Arts Action Fund from their website:

Americans for the Arts Action Fund (Arts Action Fund) is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit membership organization affiliated with Americans for the Arts. We are the only national arts advocacy organization dedicating 100% of our time, money, and political clout to advancing the arts in America. Our mission is to mobilize one million citizens to join us in advocating for the arts and arts education around the country.

As a national leader in arts advocacy, we are committed to: 

  1. Stand up for every child’s right to a comprehensive arts education
  2. Promote public policies that provide individuals and families affordable access to all forms of the arts
  3. Rally national support for the arts
  4. Build political influence to ensure bipartisan support for the arts
  5. Secure pandemic economic relief assistance for artists and arts organizations

Together, we can stand up for the arts in America. Join the movement for today!

Arts Action Fund is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization affiliated with Americans for the Arts.

Antfarm artists are part of these statistics! The arts in NC bring in more than utilities but less than construction! That’s amazing. Some of us also work in construction. Often art installations are required as a percentage of the total cost of a government building. Businesses, schools, local governments need site specific installations of custom signage, really cool bicycle racks, seating, gates, and more, all made by artists.


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